Heathen, UFO, Sacred Reich, Saxon – Rock Hard Festival 2009

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Sacred Reich - Wiley Arnett

Heathen, Exodus Lee Altus main band, were up next. I expected quite a show, but Lee was  busy playing guitar and wasn’t as active as with Exodus. The other guys weren’t really active as well, except maybe for the Bassplayer Jon Torres who was running from one side of the stage to the other.

The classic rockers of UFO got pretty old and so there wasn’t much action by the maincrew as well. Vinnie Moore on the other Hand did quite some posing and basicly rocked stage right by himself.

With Sacred Reich it was the same as with Heathen. The Thrashers concentrated on playing their set, even though Wiley Arnett and Jason Rainey were moving quite a lot on their sides of the Stage. Also drummer Greg Hall was pulling faces all the time while playing, which was pretty fun to watch.

The Festival and the Evening ended with the Britisch Heavy Metal Band Saxen. They pulled out a lot of equipment and got ramps and plattforms set up on stage. They also added some extra lights which didn’t make it a lot easier to shoot them, but added some nice colors to the mix.

Shooting Notes
The third day wasn’t much different then the first. Sill normal light during the day, without much trouble. During the evening Saxon pulled out a couple of LED-Beamers and some other lights, which helped a lot shooting them.